Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guilty pleasure

So, I'm assuming you've Google'd someone? Used a proper name as a search to see if you get any hits? Find out what someone is up to, where they're located?

In a wanton display of unhealthy acts, I sometime Google my husband's whackjob ex-girlfriend (y'know, to see if it's time to move or anything). Last week, I decided to give up this practice because I found something that made me happy - a picture of the aforementioned whackjob, and she's now fat.

Like "round to the ground" fat. Wearing an "I give up" polyester skirt and shoes that my grandma would consider "too frumpy". My thimble runneth over.

I think I'll just give up this unhealthy habit....why spoil a good thing?

Don't judge, people - this woman walking the planet brings us all down a notch. Any heartache or misfortune she's experiences, she probably had a hand in orchestrating.