Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Conversation becomes truth

A certain, puffed-up manager at my workplace has become even more puffed-up since they added "VP" to his title just before Christmas.

We are presently moving people and desks around the building so that this jackhole can leave a perfectly nice piece of real estate to move his office closer to the "big dogs". Today, he had the audacity to tell another manager that he is moving one of my people (without telling me)because he wants my guy to be closer to the operations staff. I am going to have to explain that this isn't his decision to make; definitely not the premise he can use to make it.

I was explaining the situation to Mr. Hammy, who succinctly summed it up saying:
"So, he's really feeling his VP-ness."

"Yes!" I agreed happily, "I am dealing with a VPenis!"

Ah, corporate humour. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

I am tired. Full stop.

But can I say how tired I am of the tired? "How are you?" people ask. And I reply the inevitable reply, wishing the truth were something different. Or at least more interesting.

I have completed 31 weeks of pregnancy. I am healthy; baby is healthy (kicking right now, thank you very much Momma). I know my March 17th due date is within spitting distance, but I sometimes find myself wondering how does one get there from here? Measuring the fuel in my tank and finding a shortfall in what will be required. I know there is little choice in this path; I am certainly committed to the end point - not like I can jump off this particular treadmill and say, "Enough for now. I'll come back to this later."

But doubt and fatigue weigh on me and pull me down. I hang my head and catalogue my woes. My patience and tolerence (never stellar) are pared to slivers and I try not to give myself excuses for lagging responses and bad behaviour.

Focus on this day, this person, I tell myself. One step more. There is nothing wrong with you, with us - these things will pass, hold tight.