Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did you hear the phone ring?.... Neither did I.

I had scheduled my last day of work to be February 25th - a nice little break for a March 17th due date.

Only problem - I was beginning to think I didn't have enough in the tank to get me there. Correction: I KNEW I didn't have enough.

Last doctor's appointment, she didn't like my blood pressure, but it had settled to a nice level within the span of my visit. She asked me about work, and I told her about fatigue and back/hip pain and just feeling weighted-down and spread too thin.

On Friday, I told her to stick a fork in me. Done. My blood pressure was fine, but Hammybaby2's heartrate was elevated, which shunted me to fetal assessment at another facility. Everything turned out fine (Hammybaby2 is simply crazyactive and my doctor caught two movement spikes with her in-office monitor), but it was just the final thing. Well, that and they moved my due date up to March 12th. :)

Did some work over the weekend, cleaned things up in my office yesterday, and here I am. First morning - no laptop, no phone.

I feel lighter.

Now I have time to rest up for the main event. Time to feel ready.

Time for a cup of coffee and a book. And naps. Many naps.