Sunday, September 18, 2005


...but apparently I should get used to it. Sleep has become very challenging, what with seven-month belly and all. Can't imagine it will get easier as baby and I head for the homestretch.

I'm going out to run a few errands soon. Y'know, the WalMart run you have to make every so often when you run out of laundry soap and fire extinguishers at the same time? And I need to find something decorative for the baby's room walls. I'll wander over to Winners and Pier One as well to see if they have anything appropriate that won't kill me with cloying cuteness at the same time. NO ANNE GEDDES!!!

I think I hear one of our cats getting her ass kicked outside by her neighbourhood counterpart. Not saving her this time. I am ANGRY at her. (I know, what a waste of effort).

This particular cat has taken to peeing in the house, despite a very clean litter box. We've had her checked medically, we've steam-cleaned the carpets, my husband cleans the box every other day (we only have two cats), and I'm at my wits end to know what else to do. We are going to call a friend of ours with a working farm and heated barn to see if they need an addition to the barn-clan. The animal rescue place here in town is disgusting, so I don't want to take her there. Besides, who's going to adopt "Miss Very Affectionate But Pisses on Your Carpets"?

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infobabe said...

very little affects my sleep, except extreme stress levels (oh yeah and apparently thyroid meds), but the thing that interrupted my sleep most in the latter stages of my pregnancy was my teeny tiny bladder. That and my ravenous daughter whose appetite caused me to wake in the wee hours feeling faint with hunger. Yes I'd get up and have snacks at 3am. Good luck Hammy, and don't forget that there are WAYS of maintaining adequate sleep levels after the baby is born.