Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm flattered, but....

So, in March of 2007 I was "reorganised" out of my job. Six months after returning from maternity leave - nice eh? On the bright side was a considerable severance package (the way a fucktard employer says "I'm sorry - please leave quietly"); on the not-so-bright side, a lingering feeling of diminished worth.

In July of 2007 I was hired by my present employer - a friend presented my resume to her boss and told him that I was exactly what he needed. Turns out she was right. :)

This workplace has been awesome. I feel useful, professional, and valued. But, there's a catch: To the Competent go the Spoils. They are loading on responsibilities and projects like no tomorrow. And I think we're approaching the realm of "last straw". I'm meeting with my bosses tomorrow and part of that meeting we'll be discussing what they'd like me to be when I grow up. Because, awesome as I am (tongue planted firmly in cheek people), I can't be everything at the same time.

Wish me luck.....


Dantallion said...

so, how'd it go?

Hammy said...

Oddly enough, we're still hashing it out. I'm still overburdened with the feeling that I'm doing the bare minimum on many fronts - disappointing all including myself.

I thought I had them convinced to hire me some help, and then the financial markets tanked (we have operations in the US too) and they got gunshy.

I have another meeting next week with my two top dogs (boss and dotted-line-boss-who-is-also-founder); we're leaving with resolution or we're not leaving.

Dammit. :)