Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Posting on Violence Unsilenced

I wrote a post for Violence Unsilenced...

In response to the comments left by others, I've left this as a comment, but thought it worth repeating here...

Huh. Made me cry again. Who knew that seeing your own words in a different venue can make them echo?

Thank you everyone for reading and for your comments. As Arby mentions above, I learned what I didn’t want in life. The power of negative role-models; a case study in 37 years eh? I’ve spent my whole life buiding myself into someone who had the knowledge and the resources to make choices. And one of the most important choices I’ve made is to not pass the fear along.

Not saying that I don’t lose my cool, but it is somewhat devestating to my heart when I do. You would probably see a Mom getting frustrated and yelling and being less than patient with her clever 4-year-old. My minds-eye sees shadows of yesterday, and I fear again…that I am more like them than I want to be. Deep breath. Start again. Love, and humour, and truth and light.

So that my son understands that all the things to be feared in this life come from the outside world. And that in our home and in our hearts we stand together against those fears

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