Saturday, October 08, 2005

Shamed into updating

Yes, Darth made me do it.

It's Thanksgiving weekend and I am so unbearably thankful that I am heading to my in-law's tomorrow for the traditional combination of turkey and torture.

To add to the hour-and-a-half drive to get there, my mother-in-law has invited my husband's Uncle, Wife and 2 kids. Sounds simple? Ha! The lovely bonus to this addition to the festivities is that Uncle and Wife separated less than two months ago. So this isn't a comfortable "we've been separated for a while and can be trusted to make like adults" situation, this is "we're not quite sure how to act, but let's try this on for size". And I can't even drink. Save me.

Baby-person is growing well, and at 30+ weeks I am ready to get off this flying umbrella. Which I know will only get worse as I expand into full term. At this point, I would donate organs for the ability to sleep on my stomach. Soon...soon.

My latest adventure in pregnancy had to do with having an Rh- blood type. I knew I was unique, but I didn't know that I was 15% of the population. So, despite what your biology books told you, even in a first pregnancy this means that I run the risk of having a baby with an Rh+ blood type, which could lead to my building antibodies against said baby. Which, as they say, is bad. So another blood test and a shot later, me and the small are protected for 12 weeks. After baby makes their appearance, I may need another if the baby is acutally Rh+.

Did I mention that I was terrified of needles in general? Yep. I've played contact sports my whole life and the thought of needles reduces me to tears. Every time.

Rare and confused - that's me. :)


darth said...


and you know..once you get closer to delivery time--you'll have to keep us constantly updated, either here or the Fun Place..

the rh-blood thing-i remember that issue when mrs.darth was pregnant-she had thought she may have had that blood type as well, so we read up a lot about it-turned out she didn't. :lol: i'm sure it will turn out fine :) (well, except the needle thing ;) )

Hammy said...

I will endeavour to bore folks in both places....


infobabe said...

my friend and coworker who had a baby earlier this year went through the rh- thing too. In the end it didn't seem all that invasive...hang in there!