Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Home stretch - 39 weeks

Apparantly, the baby is fully "cooked" and is now just lazing around gaining weight. Talk about over-staying your welcome! A friend of mine had a baby on the 19th of November, so I even tried a little baby-on-baby competition. Perhaps some goading - "He's out here in the world and you're not!". Didn't work. Although I did discover it is difficult to hold a baby when you have no lap.

My mother-in-law has decided that she is going to transplant Christmas dinner from her house to ours this year. Isn't that just what you want when you've given birth within the week? A house full of people who won't know when to leave? Mr. Hammy has had a preliminary conversation with his mom explaining that if the baby comes close to Christmas, it may be better for us to travel for a short visit than to have everyone here. His mom doesn't get it. She feels that I would be able to do whatever I want whenever I want if everything is taken care of in our house. I may have to take this thing in hand, but it's a moot point until baby shows up.

Mother-in-law also wants to come and stay with us for a time when the baby is born and I don't want her to. That should be another fun discussion! We're not buddies, and she's not particularly easy to be with.

And I thought all my discomfort came from being overweight, lack of oxygen, heartburn, and sleep deprivation!! What the hell do I know?


infobabe said...

oh hammy. I totally TOTALLY feel your pain. My kid, too, was born a couple weeks before Xmas and her first Xmas was very stressful. For her, for me, for everyone. I didn't have to host, but I did have to bail for quite a bit of the evening, sitting in a warm, darkened room with the door closed against the sounds of family revelry, just me and my new sweet thing trying to get through it all. Your new role will be, above all, to be an advocate for your child, and there's no time like the present. "The baby can't handle it!" is what you say, and nobody can refute it :)

Arethusa said...

I was a "couple weeks before Xmas" baby so this makes me curious about how my mother handled.

Btw, I am convinced that the baby is waiting until the 13th (my birthday!) to be born!

Let's hope you're able to make the mother-in-law see things your way.

Hammy said...

I have a close friend who counselled that I give in because it's a first grandchild, but again in the "teaching people how to treat you" frame of mind, they are NOT the only consideration in this picture. My fear is "doormat now, doormat forever", and it most definitely is my job to speak for me and baby!!!!

Arethusa, I was aiming for infokid's birthday, but the 13th would be lovely as well!!

infobabe said...

The 13th is my grandmother's birthday (the day she wanted infokid to be born of course) so that would be okay too. A Sag is a Sag .. although if you have yours on J's birthday you'll be a parent by tomorrow :D