Wednesday, January 26, 2005

If at first you don't succeed..

...apparently you can get a job with IBM. I mean seriously, how many tests do you have to fail to join this band of merry idiots? And they have the audacity to call themselves a "Business Solutions Group".

My ass.

More like, "Please tell me the nature of your problem so that I can ask repetitive and redundant questions until you attempt to stab your eye out with a pen" Group. Ix-nay on the olution-say.

Will you hold?


darth said...

i hate it when these clowns stubbornly stick to some idiotic script, when its obviously not going anywhere.

Even worse is when tech support is reading FROM THE SAME USELESS ONLINE WEB HELP DOCS that you have access to already.

Hammy said...

Especially when you've outsourced and these same fuckwits are supposed to be your in-house support.