Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm an ISTJ, and yourself?

Okay, despite my very social day-to-day aspect, I'm more naturally an introvert. Seriously, I'm not sure I like people too much - they make me tired. Once upon a once, I did the Myers-Briggs personality testing thingy and came out an ISTJ. Which means I'm an introvert, with sensing, thinking, judging tendencies. Apparently only 10% of women fit into this category, which explains why I have more guy friends than anything else.

Why is this relevant? Because my husband left today around noon to spend the day with his buddies, and won't be home until late. I had a freakin' wonderful day by myself with naps and girl-movies, and red wine.

It is presently a fairly early 10:18pm, and I am slightly tipsy and ready for bed. Good day all around.

Night all. And remember, alone doesn't mean lonely.


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